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How it works

There are tons of social media analysis tools out there and most of them provide more or less the same data, but none of these tools provide a basic interface for selecting and monitoring your business-specific goals.

6Science platform comes with base modules for crawling, archiving, indexing and presentation, which could be modified and customized to offer the insights your business needs.

The base platform performs the following functions:

Crawling: We modify the rule engine and use required website APIs if    any  for the crawling.
Archiving: We create a storage plan and database schema for faster   archiving and retrieval.
Indexing: We use optimized indexing algorithms for high traffic website   and provide APIs to retrieve data from storage.
Presenting: We build customized reporting tools to present data in any    format and to cover any metrics.
6Science utilizes these four basic functions to equip you with SIX power-packed analytics tools to increase your market intelligence and alertness. With 6Science, you can make competitive analysis and online reputation management a part of your corporate strategy and take informed decisions rather than judgements based on "gut-feel" and intuitions.
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