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  Staying ahead requires keeping your ears to the ground and listening to all the thumps and blows significant for your business. A single word today may become a trend tomorrow - you can take advantage only if you are with it.

We believe that an out-of-the-box solution for your social media analysis requirement is nonexistent. None of the free/subscription-based tools give you what you need. What is the point of getting a report that takes two days to analyze or does not cover the metrics that you wish to measure? Your unique business idea requires a unique tracking and analysis metric.

At 6Science we customize our service platform to meet your needs and give you the power to track, monitor, analyze, archive, and present anything and everything that might be of importance to your business - information about your competitors, your organization, industry trends, and a lot more. 6Science covers it all and presents reports with only the data you need - and nothing else.
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